About Below Zero Games

Hi my name is Andy Hatch and Below Zero Games is the name I make games under. Most of the work I do on games is done during the cold winter months here in Alberta Canada. I have always enjoyed creating things and it was I started modding Warlords Battlecry 3 a popular RTS game. The things I learned working on that project got me thinking I should make some of my own games.

What Below Zero Games Does

Well basically what I enjoy doing is creating games and I really enjoy the process of creating everything. The art I do myself usually a combination of 3d modeling , pixel editing and photoshop. Right now I use the Game Maker Studio platform as my game engine. The GML code is easy and I can make pretty nice games with it that can even be ported over to Mac, Html5 and Android.

Who do we make games for?

I like to think I create games that anyone could enjoy. For instance A-mazing Ants is a game that I enjoy playing with my children. The game is free of blood and gore and simple to play so young and old can enjoy it. That being said I do enjoy strategy games so I like to make games that you have to think to play as well.

Contact and Feedback

One of things that is consistant with me and I really like to keep improving. When someone gives me genuine feedback I feel obliged to act on it so feel free Email Me. I would love to here how you like my games.