A-mazing Ants

A-mazing Ants was my first indie release a classic 80's feel maze game.The games demos are available at Indie DB. I have a WIX page dedicated to the game which I created last year with links to the various communities that I am involved in. You can buy the newest version of the game HERE. I done 2 foriegn language versions of the game just for fun a German Version and a Romanian Version.

Fox In The Coop

Fox In The Coop was the first game I made using Game Maker Studio. The game was made special for the Indie Game Magazine Developers Contest. I built the game over the two week period of the contest but later did some updates to the game after the contest had ended.

Gavins Quest

Gavin's Quest is a game that blends hack and slash action with puzzle solving. The game was released in October and is available on Itchio. The game was developed from August 13 into 2014. The project blends work from the Warlords Battlecry mod with the gml based A-mazing Ants.


Taken is my new retro space shooter that blends light hearted humour with classic 80's style arcade action. I started work on the game in November of 2014 and will be releasing it in January of 2015.

Tinker Maze

Created for Ludum Dare 30 Tinker Maze is a little maze game. I received the highest rating in the fun catergory which was a real feather in my cap.

Bell Buster

Created for Ludum Dare 31 Bell Buster is a Christmas themed game. You must destroy all the christmas bells in order to reveal a special Christmas message.

Ronny Runs Around Robots

Ronny Runs Around Robots is my cool new robot shooter. Fans of arcade classics like Frenzy will enjoy this robot shooter.

Lost In The Boreal

Lost In The Boreal is a little outdoor survival game set in 1820 Canada. You must try to stay alive long enough to be rescued.