• Dec 1

    Gavin's Quest kicking into gear.

    Gavin's Quest is now well into it's third month of development and things are really moving along. In November I worked on various things including improving the missile units the archers and trolls AI. Some other issues regarding AI pathfinding were worked on as well. Then I switched gears and worked on lighting effects that give the game the dungeon feel I was wanting. I ended the month by working on a new load screen for the game. I have still not ruled out getting a good pen artist to do some work on this game.

    Posted by Andy Hatch in Below Zero Games
  • Jul 14

    Amazing Ants gets upgrade

    In May after taking part in the Indie Game Magazine Developers Contest I decided to move A-mazing Ants over to Game Maker Studio as the game was originally built with Game Maker 8. The change meant I had to go through all the games GML code as well as all the other changes that come with the new platform. But in the end it is worth is as the newest version loads faster and preforms much better. In the older version the executional size was much better. Some changes had to made though to get all the games features working again namely the Game Load and Save functions as well as the editor.

    Posted by Andy Hatch in Below Zero Games
  • May 5

    Indie Game Magazine Developers Contest

    In May of 2013 the Indie Game Magazine ran a developers contest. I really wanted to take part in something like this. The contest wasn't a game jam or anything you had a couple weeks to get something together. I decided to make a game based on stereotypes of rural people. So I created Fox In The Coop a casual game where you are a fox stealing chickens from the farmers.

    Posted by Andy Hatch in Below Zero Games
  • Apr 8

    Amazing Ants improved version

    In January of the year A-mazing Ants was reviewed and some things were pointed out in the review so instead of scoffing these things off I went and did what I could do to improve the game. I overhauled alot of the graphics in the game and made some nice improvements. Then I got creative again and added a bunch of new mazes with some new bug types.

    Posted by Andy Hatch in Below Zero Games
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